Links and Resources

There are oodles of fabulous sites I check out all the time on the web.

The Dish Forum, also the home of Soapsaver
A fabulous resource for anyone interesting in starting out crafting body-care products. Tons of answers, lots of friendly people and an all around great forum.

The Soap Queen Blog
This is the blog of Anne-Marie Faiola the owner of, a soap supply store.
Her site offer great ideas, information and tutorials for making fabulous things. She also has a youtube channel where she goes through all the steps of making Cold-Process soap. A fabulous resource.

Point of Interest
The blog of SwiftCraftyMonkey, also a regular contributor on the Dish Forums. Her blog is a fabulous resource of information, much of it focusing on the more chemisty-based side of soaping and crafting.
Want to know what an Ester is and how to use it in a lotion? Check out her site.

For Crafts:
100 Mile Finds

The Toronto Etsy Street Team

Wise Daughter's Craft Market

Toronto Craft Alert

Other Interesting Sites
Dr. Weil - a great resource for general health information
Health Canada Consumer Product Safety

The Environmental Working Group
The Green Pages

The Smart Bitches Blog - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. My favorite romance novel blog. Yeah, that's right ;)