About the Madstone Soapery

The Madstone Soapery was created and developed with ideals that are very dear to me. The issues of environmental sustainability, healthy products and a greater emphasis on localized economies are all issues that I feel my business addresses and advocates for. I created this company to not only sell my products, but also to create awareness of the current state of the cosmetic industry.

We surround ourselves with creams, lotions, shampoos and soaps filled with chemicals and artificial ingredients which are neither good for our bodies or for the environment. We need to stop dousing our bodies and our world with chemicals - and I strive to create healthy, simple, sumptuous body products to help with that goal.

All of my products are created in small batches from my own recipes. I start with the most basic ingredients and then add in essential oils, other additives and agents.  All of my products are paraben free, phthalate free, mineral oil free and alcohol free. I source as many of my raw ingredients as I can through fair-trade and organic practices.

I create lotions, body creams, body butters, bath salts, lip balms, sugar scrubs and hand-milled glycerin soaps. Everything I make is made exclusively by me, and is completely handmade.

About the Artisan

With a degree in Anthropology and Environmental Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a certificate in publishing from Ryerson University, Maxine is a self-taught soaper and has been working on MadStone recipes for over three years. Part-time marketer, part-time crafter and part-time publisher Maxine is always working on something! Her soap-making career began early in life when she fell into a mud puddle while hiking on the Bruce Trail.

As someone who has many sensitivities to strong perfumes, as well as many allergies, the ability to make my own body products with ingredients that I knew were natural, real, and safe for me to use was the contributing factor to starting the Madstone Soapery as a business.

I'd love to hear from  you! Feel free to drop me a line, ask about my ingredients, or request a custom allergen-free product for yourself! maxine[at]madsonesoapery[dot]com